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PRN Hosts BBQ at Crissy Field

Posted in on 3-26-16

PRN hosted a BBQ in Crissy Field in San Francisco. We gathered thirty new interviews for our interviews with formerly incarcerated people. The weather worked out for us, and we were glad to see so many reunions. PRN’s director got to hang out with a lot of guys he only has known on the inside. PRN board member Joe Calderon kept track of the time represented by the 40+ participants, and it exceeded 1000 long years of incarceration. Feeling freedom with the participants, and big thanks to PRN’s director’s parents for cooking. Keep posted as we release the interviews – there’s over 200 gigs of video data, so it may take a while. We provide a private youtube link to each individual to review and approve their interview before it is released. Excited to share this wisdom with those still inside....

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PRN publishes Bridges to Freedom

Posted in on 2-16-16

PRN is self-publishing! CDCR does not allow people to send in books, and their other restrictions have caused PRN great difficulty getting our resources behind the walls. However, CDCR does allow materials to be sent from the publisher. So, we have started self-publishing, and we could not be more proud to deliver Bridges to Freedom to individuals anticipating a board hearing. Written entirely by PRN board member James Debacco, this work is an intellectual tour de force, and can help people behind the walls to understand CA’s byzantine parole hearing process. Now, we can send B2F at cost to anyone in CA’s prisons. This distribution model will ensure that quality resources are bound and sent to prisoners directly, and the costs are reasonable. Someone can get Mr. Debacco’s 150 pages of wisdom for only $6.63 by clicking here. Look for more from PRN publishing...

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PRN featured in The Guardian

Posted in on 12-2-15

Prisoner Reentry Network was featured in The Guardian’s recent article on the 6,000 releases. The article featured PRN’s videos, which have been shown behind the walls and now to the world. PRN’s Executive Director was quoted describing reentry as a “bottleneck of poverty”, and PRN advisory board member Joe Calderon provided further insight into the plight of individuals leaving prison. Read the full article...

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