Counseling Behind the Wall

Counseling in Person:

Upon invitation, PRN will visit prison to discuss reentry with a prison group. PRN has presented information pertinent to reentry at San Quentin State Prison, CSP-Solano, Valley State Prison, and the SF County Jail. If you would like PRN to visit your group, please contact us at

Counseling to California prisoners through the mail:

PRN will provide support through the mail to individuals leaving California prisons. Our capacity is limited – we are an extremely small staff, and have little information for individuals released outside of California. Still, we have responded to every letter we have received to date. Please keep this in mind when forwarding our address behind the wall.

If you are a loved one of an incarcerated person, it is best to contact us at to get information, rather than to write us directly.

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Business cards PRN distributes inside the walls.