Interviews with Former Lifers

Prisoner Reentry Network filmed a series of interviews with lifers – individuals who served sentences with a maximum penalty of life in prison. Participants generated their own questions in a group setting and volunteer film students captured their responses. The interviews bring the voices of individuals who understand reentry best – those who have gone through the experience – behind the walls. PRN has shown these interviews in San Quentin State Prison, Solano State Prison, Valley State Prison, the SF jail, and the SF Parole Office.

Contact PRN if you want us to share your story to individuals anticipating release from prison.

Starting Lines:

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Full-Length Interviews:
James “Hawk” Lowden:

Glen Holden

Alicia Nolan

Sabhir Bagwell – Then and Now

Tyrone Turner

Mianta McKnight

Jimmy Hoff

Andra Gadson

Cynthia Jeter

Aaron Burris

Clinton Thomas

Louie Gary

Cherri Frazier

Brandy Giggey

EJ House

Bert Perlas

Michael Matlock

Sou Thao

Javier Cortinas

Mark Self