Directions Home

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When prisoners leave prison, they are given $200 and are taken to the nearest Greyhound or Amtrak station. They are not provided directions by CDCR. Many individuals are leaving after decades of incarceration, and returning┬áto a new world. We have produced guides from California’s prisons to its major metropolitan areas (Bay Area, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Diego). Click on the links below to view and download directions home from the following institutions:

Avenal State Prison

California Correctional Center

California Correctional Institution

California Institution for Men

California Health Care Facility

California Medical Facility

California Men’s Colony

California City Correctional Facility

California Rehabilitation Center

California State Prison – Centinela

California State Prison – Corcoran

California State Prison – LA County

California State Prison – Sacramento (Folsom)

California State Prison – Solano

California Substance Abuse Training Facility

Calipatria State Prison

Central California Women’s Facility

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

Correctional Training Facility

Deuel Vocational Institution

Folsom State Prison

High Desert State Prison

Ironwood State Prison

Kern Valley State Prison

Mule Creek State Prison

North Kern State Prison

Pelican Bay State Prison

Pleasant Valley State Prison

Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility

Salinas Valley State Prison

San Quentin State Prison

Sierra Conservation Center – Jamestown

Valley State Prison

Wasco State Prison