PRN-Produced Resources

PRN-available-resourcesPrisoner Reentry Network has recognized common obstacles to successful reentry, and produced materials that individuals inside can use prior to release. We distribute these guides inside and out.

Resource List:  List of the reentry resources from the PRN website in a concise printable pdf, available here.

Identification: When individuals leave prison, they may have only prison-issued identification. While this serves as state-issued identification and will get access to a bus or train, it won’t get you a social security card or driver’s license. This document outlines the steps required for obtaining legal identification in preparation for release, a process that can be begin any time following arrest. All necessary application forms are included: Click here to download this guide.

Directions Home: PRN produces guides for getting from CA’s prisons to its major cities using public transportation.

Post-Release Cell Phones: After you leave prison, you can get a low-cost cell phone subsidized by the federal government. Click here to download this guide.

Guide to Technology: There is no internet inside California’s prisons, and cell phones are prohibited. When people come home, it’s to a drastically different world (as our video demonstrates). The guide explains cell phones, how to obtain a cell phone for free upon release, the Internet, e-mail, and security online. It features screenshots of websites, e-mail, a guide to the internet, and other resources proven to be useful to people inside through our work behind the wall. Click here to download the guide.

Banking: When individuals leave prison, they are provided $200 and little else. This guide is intended to teach people to open a bank account, establish a line of credit, and use these essential economic tools. Click here to download this guide.

Resources for Transgender Prisoners: PRN contacted advocacy organizations and developed a list of Resources for Transgender People.

Social Security Offices: PRN has compiled the addresses of all known social security offices in California.

DMV Offices: PRN has compiled the addresses of all California DMV offices.

The Job Search: This guide will help you assemble the documents and information you will need to provide to prospective employers. Also included in this packet are tips on interviewing and how to present yourself to prospective employers. At the end of this packet there is a collection of forms you may need or may see in the future. Click here to download the guide.

8 June 2012: Crescent City, CA. California State Prison: Pelican Bay Prison. A SHU cell occupied by two prisoners.. Cell is about 8x10 with no windows. Bunks are concrete with mattress roles. When rolled up the bunk serves at a seat and table.. Cones on the wall are home made speakers using ear-phones for the TV or radio. Speakers are not allowed.

Pelican Bay room for two people.